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Secrets To Reading More Books

Practical tricks which helped me to read 41 books in 2018 and 58 books in 2019.

Some people read a lot of books and some don’t. I this article, I will share a few simple tricks which can help you to read more books.
Since my childhood, I loved reading books. The passion for reading started with comic books and spill over to history books and fiction novels. Somehow along the way, I lost the rhythm and stopped reading. I suspect computers and cell phones have a lot to do with this change. I swapped reading for browsing the Internet, Facebook, and Whatsapp messages.

Even though my focus changed, my desire to read never died and I became frustrated. I continued to collect books — I collected Audible, Kindle, and physical books in the anticipation that one day, I would read them. I was finding more books to read every day through podcasts, YouTube videos, and from the references section of the other books. My frustration about not reading books continued to grow, and I felt stuck. I needed a change.

Finally, I overcame the struggle between my desire and my action. I want to share a few tips with you so that you may also go through this transformation.

Vinod Sharma

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Inspiring others with storytelling. I write on Product Delivery, Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion, Goals.

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