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A journey of continues learning, problem-solving, transformation

I came from a conventional software development background and started my Agile journey about five years ago.

At work, I am responsible for Agile, Scrum, Release, Change Management, coaching and collaboration. Basically a smooth delivery of products to our internal and external consumers. The walk to the finish line is always exciting, full of energy and fulfilling.

The following articles are an impression of my learning, observation and transformation. In these articles, I described my interpretation of Agile & Scrum; be aware that our implementation is just one possible variation. There are hundreds of other ways to describe and implement.

Starting with Agile & Scrum

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Starting with Agile is not easy. A framework such as Scrum or Kanban does not come with a step by step guide that you can apply. Instead, Agile provides a guideline and let each team customize for their needs.

I am adding what I have but plan to add more articles and information in the future.

Scrum Overview in Five MinutesA quick and simple explanation of Scrum

Implementing Scrum in a Conventional Waterfall TeamWe recently finished a project of converting our intranet landing pages to a unified single landing page for the entire…

Can a Non-IT Person Become a Scrum Master? – This article is for a non-IT person to gain basic knowledge about Agile, Scrum and the Scrum Master Role.

Advancing your journey

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Agile is a journey and during this journey, you go from doing Agile to being Agile. The following articles are for advanced readers who are aspired to learn more and become a better version of themself.

Agile & Scrum Certifications for Scrum Masters – There are many certifications to choose from, let me help you select which one to take

Best Practical Advice to Become Great Scrum Master – Do you want to grow yourself as an expert Scrum Master? Then follow my advice

Agile Delivery Lead vs Scrum Master – My views on CapitalOne’s implementation of the Agile Delivery Lead. I am not opposed to it, but I do have my concerns


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Agile & Scrum Notes – A collection of Agile and Scrum related terms, keywords, and concepts on a single page

PMP vs Scrum (Agile) which one should you follow? – Today, I got my Scrum Product Owner certification (CSPO). I also have ScrumMaster (CSM) and PMP certifications. No, I…

Lessons from Melinda Gate’s book “Moment of Lift” for Scrum Master and Agile Coach – Every Scrum Master and Agile Coach should read Melinda Gate’s book, “Moment of Lift.” It has many lessons applicable to…

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